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Benjamin, from the Bobby & Townes workshop, grew up in a mezzanine above his father's workshop, a traditional marine carpenter, in the shavings, without immediately having a vocation, far from it.
He loves art and creation. At the age of 19, after having started a training in furniture design, he decides to leave school to experiment as a self-taught person through graphic design, painting and photography, which leads him to a career as an art director and creative director.

After a few years in the digital field, it is while working on his new house in Picardy that he recreates a link with wood and that the whole of his career finally takes on a meaning: his hands and his head will be the means of his emancipation and his freedom. From then on, he trained for hundreds of hours, studying the techniques of art cabinetmaking, but also popular, modern, ancient, from France and elsewhere, in parallel with his activity as a creative director. A non-academic approach that he is keen to share formally or informally by opening the doors of his workshop.

Benjamin's woodworking is personal, as each gesture, each tool, each technique has no other purpose than to create a body to body relationship with the material, and to give free rein to his creativity.
From custom-made furniture to everyday objects, to art objects, all of Benjamin's objects are unique, inspired by the material, the technique, the moment. Sometimes classic and respectful of heritage, sober, other times they are surprising or daring. For him, what happens in the workshop must resemble life, a perpetual movement where surprises can arise at any moment and where he can reinvent himself constantly.