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Bazar Atelier Sablon

Bazar Atelier Sablon tote bag in Jouy Canvas made in France

BAZAR ATELIER SABLON, a young and promising French brand of eco-responsible tote bags and accessories, which mixes with talent the vintage and the modern!

From the attic to the shopping bag: the birth of BAZAR ATELIER SABLON

It all began in the attic... In the middle of a confinement in early 2020, Hortense went on an expedition in her grandmother's attic and discovered a sewing machine. She starts to learn, all alone, but with obvious skills. She quickly created her first shopping bag with scraps of the famous Toile de Jouy, which was quite successful! And then, it's the trigger, she takes the game and launches a challenge: inspired by our beautiful heritage, create and manufacture in France, a line of modern accessories, with raw materials selected as close as possible. BAZAR ATELIER SABLON was born!

BAZAR ATELIER SABLON, a French brand ethically committed

From her Parisian workshop, Hortense designs all her models and makes prototypes by feeding her creative inspiration from the most beautiful traditional fabrics. The BAZAR ATELIER SABLON brand then strives to source its products only from short circuits in order to respect its eco-responsible commitment.

The golden fingers of a few fairy seamstresses then come into play, from their regional workshops, to make magnificent bags, pouches and other accessories in limited series. Few stocks, few losses, these original creations made in France are ethical to the end of the handles!

The Toile de Jouy according to BAZAR ATELIER SABLON

If Hortense fell in love with traditional designs like Toile de Jouy, she makes no concessions on the modernity and freshness of her creations. Vintage, yes, but adapted to today's tastes and to our nomadic lives!

That's why BAZAR ATELIER SABLON's signature bag is called Jouy de Fruits. A must-have urban bag, the perfect size to be carried on the shoulder or on the wrist, it has those little details that make all the difference: a solid 100% cotton lining, an elegant visible label and a small inside pocket for your keys. HISTOIRES FRANCAISES has chosen three colors: a bright Orange & Fushia, a deep Bleu Roy, and an elegant velvety Mocha shade. Practical and so beautiful, this it-bag has already seduced a great community of Fruits de Jouy lovers, so what are you waiting for?

And for your little "mess", the BAZAR ATELIER SABLON toiletry bags are just perfect. Designed to easily accommodate toothbrushes, makeup and everything else you need to look your best for the weekend, they are lined and made with the fabric scraps from the bags! Quality, aesthetics and eco-responsibility right down to the last notch of the zipper... HISTOIRES FRANCAISES suggests the Jouy de Fruits Blue toiletry bag and the Jouy de Fruits Taupe toiletry bag in reverse color mode.

Toile de Jouy is a traditional cotton fabric, born in 1760 in Jouy-en-Josas (Yvelines), whose typical design represents characters in a natural setting, in monochrome color, on a light background.

BAZAR ATELIER SABLON, star of the French Riviera

Among the iconic places of summer in France, the French Riviera is without a doubt a reference in everyone's mind! Inspired by the beauty of the water's reflections, BAZAR ATELIER SABLON has created the beautiful French Riviera collection. With the same assets as their big brothers in Toile de Jouy, these two tote bags in magnificent aquatic colors, Emerald and Azure, will accompany you all summer long, from the office to the pool, from the market to the park, from the pontoon to the sand dune... And don't forget the matching French Riviera Emerald and Azure bags, to ensure a coordinated look without fail!

HISTOIRES FRANCAISES loves the modern and vintage chic style of BAZAR ATELIER SABLON, and supports its definitive commitment to eco-responsibility, which knows how to bring up to date the treasures of our heritage, while supporting local French crafts. And you, your bazaar, how do you transport it?