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BARBARISME fashion jewellery made in France

BARBARISME, a brand of eco-responsible jewelry made in France that plays the card of the difference with a subtle colorful.

From Barbara to BARBARISME

The universe of Barbara Baehrel has always been dressed with delicacy, beautiful materials, colors and passion for art. It is therefore quite natural that in 2011, once her degree in textile design in her pocket, Barbara launches her brand of high fashion jewelry, a showcase for her creativity both assertive and subtle. Behind this resolutely different name, BARBARISME unveils jewelry made in France that knows how to be both original and elegant, colorful and full of poetry.

You will like BARBARISME if...

...if you are a woman who likes to combine class and sobriety, or if you are a romantic girl, naturally stylish. Barbara's made in France creations are imagined in her Parisian workshop and made with love and care. The pure design of the contours evokes a flower, a leaf, a vintage vest button or a precious pearl. The materials are eco-responsible and sustainable because BARBARISME cares about Mother Nature: brass gilded with 24-carat gold, fabric or leather button shapes, or Swarovski crystals, and voilà!

Thinking only of you, HISTOIRES FRANÇAISES has fallen for an assortment of earrings with names as poetic as they are evocative.


The irresistible Maia earrings (model S) are a bit like the "little black dress" in your wardrobe, an in-con-tour-na-ble basic for lovers of golden monochrome! They are also part of the timeless BARBARISME collection. The geometry mixing rounded, furrowed lines and crossed ribbons gives the simplicity of gold-plated brass a sunny and timeless presence.

And we have good news for you! With the newest Luna earrings, non-pierced ears have finally found the clips they deserve! These new additions to the BARBARISME collection play on the astral theme with their golden half-moon shape that sets a small round fabric button. We have chosen three colors: black, ruby or glitter. With Luna, chic also means clips!

Suddenly, HISTOIRES FRANÇAISES offers you flowers...

Floral prints are always a tricky choice when it comes to looks. But how elegant it is when your ears are adorned with delicate precious flowers, as with these two models that we have lovingly selected for you!

The Iris earrings play the score in soliflore mode with this dazzling Swarovski crystal in sapphire blue, emerald or grey, delicately placed on a golden daisy corolla. An ode to femininity that smells of beautiful days!

As for the Cosmos curls, they sublimate the nape of the neck with their flower crown shape! With delicacy, three small golden flowers, a mini Iris, a fabric button and two sparkling crystals alternate. Between prairie green, sapphire blue or peach, you're bound to find a pair that coordinates beautifully with your favorite look. Worn with a slightly chic outfit or on the contrary rather casual, for an offbeat style, they will not go unnoticed...and neither will you! And now, dance!

BARBARISME, a brand to follow

If HISTOIRES FRANÇAISES supports BARBARISME, it's because their creative and refined jewelry, sober and colorful, honors femininity and, of course, French eco-friendly craftsmanship! BARBARISME, a name to remember...