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ATELIER LOUPIOTTE was born from the union between an architect and an engineer who dreamed of proposing a new approach to lighting interior spaces, promoting craftsmanship and the relocation of production to France.

The aim is to guarantee the quality and durability of "Made in France" by combining aesthetics, simplicity and functionality.

Aline, architect, inventive and passionate about design, is the creative fibre. She is in charge of the development of the designs. Maxime, engineer and entrepreneur, supervises the technical part and the production in the workshop.

They select fine wood species from local sawmills, such as birch. Each model is designed and manufactured in their workshop in Lyon as a sculptural openwork object offering a unique luminous universe, thanks to its wooden structure in fine and slender strips. The light acquires its warm character thanks to the contrasts and natural reflections of the wood through your interior spaces.