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Jewelry has many lives

Anicet is first of all Elia, the creator of the concept and passionate about jewellery for more than 10 years.

Today, this passion has evolved; she has therefore decided to apply her values and consumer habits, more concerned about the environment, to her creations: The Anicet Bijoux project was born, to take advantage of existing jewels, treasures that are before our eyes and that simply need to be highlighted in another form.

Indeed, like Elia, we like to hunt, to find second hand clothes, old objects, unique pieces, to take into account the history and the past of these objects to give them a new life, to create a new history.

Each piece is imagined, assembled, transformed, cleaned in her Parisian workshop. She most often uses gold-plated and silver-plated materials as well as semi-precious stones, symbolic medallions.

Each jewel is carefully designed and becomes, thanks to Elia, a unique piece, a real good luck charm filled with positive energy.

We wish Elia lots of new and beautiful treasure hunts !