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ALUVY, barbecues made in France et écoresponsable

ALUVY is a young outdoor design brand, created with the desire not to be like everyone else, to stand out. In short, to take a step aside to express its freedom. Its philosophy is to develop outdoor products to free the inner personality!

ALUVY is also a human adventure, that of 3 friends, Jean Pierre, Hugo and Paul who had this crazy idea during the confinement. Stronger together, they pooled their experience and skills to launch this entrepreneurial project, 100% French and digital.

Thus the whole range is produced in France, from the aluminium foundry to the realization of the barbecues and braziers. The aluminium foundries are those of the group that Paul and Hugo manage, whose headquarters are in Isère. The other plastic components are made of recycled plastic manufactured in the Rhône and then painted in the Ain. Local is paramount from start to finish!

In addition to being made in France, these barbecues are also environmentally responsible. Very committed to sustainable development, the founders have designed the aluminum products so that they are truly recyclable.

Finally 100% digital, ALUVY has made this choice to control its distribution and offer the fairest prices possible. In addition, it only manufactures to order to avoid overproduction.