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Article: Story of LA MERICAINE



A fresh west wind blows through HISTOIRES FRANÇAISES with LA MÉRICAINE!

This brand, created in 2014 on the Landes coast, is the realization of a dream with wild Wild West accents. After working for several years in fashion as a designer, Valérie Hernandez decided one fine day in 2014 to strike out on her own and launch her fashion and home decor brand. Inspired by the great outdoors but French to the core, LA MÉRICAINE is the eco-responsible reference brand for capes, ponchos, plaids and cushions that hug and warm bodies in total freedom.

Beautiful materials first and foremost

A lover of beautiful textiles, the designer relies exclusively on French artisans, who have passed down their know-how of weaving and spinning wool and cotton from generation to generation. This passion and craftsmanship result in garments of impeccable quality and unrivalled comfort. Wrap up in a cape to read by the fire, snuggle up in a poncho to tread the wild grasses...

Wool Poncho LA MERICANIE made in France

Eco-responsible fibers

Each color yarn is made from virgin or recycled fibers of animal, vegetable or synthetic origin. This eco-variety allows for an infinite mix of textures and shades. With shimmering, interplaying materials and a wide palette of plain or mottled colors, LA MÉRICAINE collections have that touch of chic originality that invites you to take to the open seas.

The Apache and Navajo lines are among the so-called "timeless" collections featuring 100% recycled wool: no new grazing, water savings, reduced waste - a fine example of the circular economy we love at HISTOIRES FRANÇAISES!

Wool cape made in France LA MERICAINE

Pure wool cushion made in France LA MERICAINE

Softness and comforting colors

If you're the kind of person who dares to experiment with color, you won't be able to resist the broad, folk-style stripes of the Apache short poncho or the Apache cushion, to assert your personality both indoors and out!

In the mood for softness? Melt for the soft wool of the Mothearl cape and its elegant cameo of beiges, to match with the coordinating cushion to warm up your sofa.

Motearl Cape in pure woll made in France LA MERICAINE

As for the Navajo range, its hues range from deep green to faded khaki, adding a touch of vegetation that soothes and refreshes. 

LA MÉRICAINE, a free-spirited signature

LA MÉRICAINE has found its place thanks to the art of being both timeless and riding the wave of trends. And we love the finishing touch of its embossed leather label signed with its brand name!

But if HISTOIRES FRANCAISES is particularly fond of LA MÉRICAINE, it's because this free-spirited and passionate brand knows how to bring its products to life by relying in an eco-responsible way on the heart of our French artisan know-how.

"LA MÉRICAINE, made in France, made for life.

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