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Article: Story of commitment

Histoire d'engagements

Story of commitment

HISTOIRES FRANCAISES is of course a story of people, craftsmen, know-how and emotions, but above all it is a founding commitment:

  • To highlight the best of French creation and eco-responsible French craftsmanship.
  • To present some known, recognized or unknown know-how, to revalorize manual work.
  • To support creation 100% FrenchTo support creation, young talents and new projects in order to preserve employment at local or national level.
  • To give everyone the possibility to be a committed citizen for purchases eco-responsible that make sense.


This means that the products we offer have been made by French craftsmen with recognized dexterity. They all bear witness to or embody an exceptional know-how, often ancestral and passed down from generation to generation. The preservation of craftsmanship, the transmission of these skills is at the heart of our business project.

Silver Sentimenti, artisan d'art, porcelaine chamottée et cuir tressé, made in France et écoresponsable

100% FRENCH :

This means that the products we offer have been entirely designed and produced in France. A product completely made in France is a product that meets strict standards, both in terms of quality and safety. A 100% French product is developed according to standards that respect employees and preserve national employment.

Ours Français en peluche MAILOU Tradition, made in France et écoresponsable


This means that the products we offer have been thought out and designed with a view to limiting their impact on the environment. Whether in the choice of materials and components, in its manufacture, in its packaging and shipping or in these 3 phases, each product is designed to preserve the environment. Being eco-responsible is a state of mind, an awareness to develop and enhance in order to preserve our environment.

Benjamin FOUCAUD set de 3 bols en bois, made in France et écoresponsable


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