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Article: Story of Clément BOUTILLON

Portrait de Clément BOUTILLON, artisan designer céramiste, made in France

Story of Clément BOUTILLON

HISTOIRES FRANCAISES is very pleased to present the creations of Clément BOUTILLON.

In his boutique workshop in Nevers, the talented ceramic designer Clément BOUTILLON creates and transforms ceramics into art and design pieces. He imagines and manufactures precious decorative objects for the table and the home.

Trained in the best schools, he spent the first 10 years of his career devoted to form, captivated by its almost hypnotic power. After multiple competition finals, a stint with designer Noé Duchaufour Lawrence as an assistant and several years in the creation of luxury pieces, perfumes and spirits for big names, Clément became principal designer for Kossi Aguessy for whom he worked for two years on exceptional pieces between industrial design and art. His creations will be exhibited in Paris and New York.

Then, in 2020, he became passionate about ceramics and decided to launch his solo career in which he will bring his particular and unique vision of designer. He then created his own collection of high-end ceramics made in France, imagined by him and handcrafted in his boutique workshop.

Istouti Vase hand made by Clément BOUTILLON, made in France

Two collections are born from his spirit: the "timeless" collection presenting everyday objects designed with finesse in a spirit of timelessness and the "rare" collection presenting identity pieces in limited edition intended for collectors. His "Intemporelle" collection presents refined decorative products and high-end tableware in earthenware. HISTOIRES FRANCAISES has made its selection from this collection. The two flagship items in this collection are, for us, the ISTOUTI vase and the CANYON candlestick.

Istouti vase handmade by CLEMENT BOUTILLON, made in France

For the designer, the Istouti vase is directly inspired by his trip to Sri-Lanka. Clément Boutillon reworks the shape of Hindu temples, mixing cultures to obtain a vase with a refined design and a beautiful sobriety. As for the Canyon candlestick, it is inspired by the curve of the mountains and the design of the canyons. This sculpture receives a candle that illuminates the walls by offering a soft and bewitching light. Accompanied or not by a candle, this creation is a true work of art.

Candle holder, CLEMENT BOUTILLON hand made in France

For Clément Boutillon, travel has become his territory of inspiration. He likes to leave to discover the know-how of the cultures he discovers. Even when he is thousands of miles away from his studio, he is always accompanied by his sketchbook.

Hand made candlestick CLEMENT BOUTILLON, made in France

As for the realization, our designer craftsman is very fussy about the design of the object. The pieces are drawn patiently, for several weeks or even months. Once the idea has been refined, Clément puts on his artisan's hat. He makes, himself, the molds and then draws the pieces in his workshop. The terracotta earthenware is then glazed with translucent enamels revealing the raw earth in places and offering a unique finish to each piece, giving rhythm to the avant-garde design and the handmade object. The time of realization is not a constraint for him, each object sees the day at its own pace.

He also places ecological responsibility at the heart of his approach. Indeed, passionate about nature, especially the mountains, with a real ecological awareness, he opts for local production. Clément has banned all plastic in his distribution in favor of recycled or reused paper.

To sum up, inspiration and passion have a name, Clément Boutillon!

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