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Article: Story of Barbecue

barbecues ALUVY, Paint in Black, made in France et écoresponsables

Story of Barbecue

At HISTOIRES FRANCAISES there is no Black Friday! We have something much better and much more French: The Twisted Friday!

A suspended moment where creations are out of season and where Christmas is an opportunity to offer an original gift with an irresistible design and 100% French.

We are very happy and proud to offer you an exclusive limited edition of ALUVY barbecues Paint in Black which will set on fire all your family and friends gathering!

Barbecue Marcel, ALUVY, made in France et écoresponsables

Made in France and recyclable, they are essential to your moments of shared conviviality. Each of the 3 models is available in 8 unexpected colors: red, green, yellow,...

Sam, brasero, barbecue, ALUVY, made in France et écoresponsable

So be the first to order them before December 31st, 20201! And bravo again to ALUVY who knew how to light the fire!

Lulu, barbecue au gaz, ALUVY, made in France et écoresponsable

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Carte de voeux MELINA VASSEREAU, made in France et écoresponsables

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